Audi A4

The New Audi Car Is Considered One Of The Strongest Cars Competing In The Auto Market Around The World , As It Is Distinguished By Its Elegant Shape , And Great Speed .
Features Of Audi 2020 :
1 - The Car Was Designed From The Side , And Rear In A Way Facing The Wind , And Here It Makes It Retain The Same Previous Design As Well , But With The Height , And Width Provided For The Previous Model .
2 - The Car Has Four Wheel Drive .
3 - The Car Reaches A Speed Of 250 Kilo Meters Per Hour Equipped With A Square Screen With An Infotainment Feature That Works By Touch With Advanced MMR Technology .
4 - The Car Achieved The Highest Sales Through That Version , As It Reached A Fifth Of The Sales Of The German Company .
5 - The Vehicle Is 16 Miles Off The Ground .
6 - The Car Reaches An Internal Gasoline Capacity Of 54 Liters .
7 - The Car Is Equipped With 17 Inch Wheels .


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