Mercedes ML

ML Mercedes Is One Of The Luxury Cars That Are Very Popular , Here Is A Set Of Features Of This Car :
1 - This Category Of Mercedes Has More Than One Engine Design , The First Being The Standard One , Which Is Powered By Six Cylinder Petrol , And Provides 302 HP , While The Same Engine , Which Works On Diesel , And Is Equipped With Turbo Chargers , Provides A Power Of 240 HP .
2 - The More Powerful Eight Cylinder Petrol Engine Can Deliver 402 HP At The Maximum Revs .
3 - Despite Their Large Size , Engines In This Class Have Low Fuel Consumption Compared To Other Engines In The Same Class .
4 - The Transmission In Mercedes ML Has A Five Speed Automatic Gearbox , Which Makes Acceleration Better , And Smoother , And It Also Easier To Control The Vehicle .
5 - Some Driving Experiences Showed That There Is A Delay In Changing The Gear , Especially At The Start Of Cruising , Which Makes The Car Acceleration Low .


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